If pain ever surprises you
and attacks you from behind,
throwing you to the ground
and taking you far, farther
than you were taken by the death
of beautiful things, don’t give in.
Get up again and walk.
Walk with your eyes and step
with your hands, that’s the only way you’ll see
how wonderful it is to breath
with the pittance you have all around.

If love ever surprises you
and bites your lip with words
as if in a dream, dragging you with its tongue
to landscapes never imagined
and humbled by human steps, don’t trust it.
Look back and look forward
and walk with your eyes closed
among the debris of deception,
you will know then that destiny has placed you
into an abyss that is the fruit of the passion
you still don’t know.

If life ever surprises you
with a sure blow to the middle of the brow
leaving you forever wounded,
don’t think you’re the only one.
Others were reduced to ashes in their own destiny.
But don’t get upset or remain still.
Rip out your chest, look at where it hurts
and why. Look at the abode of sadness
that the sky uncovers, very deep inside.
Only in that way will you save yourself from nothingness.
This time you were the one who was chosen.

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