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Señor, You who gave

Señor, You who gave
name to the light,
give me a body
that reflects my mind
and give me a mind
that dignifies my body.
Give me the understanding
to understand
what I do not comprehend.
The vision to see
what is beyond me.
The transparent sky
inside my body.
The uncertain destiny
that breathes
in my thoughts.
And do not abandon me
to words without meaning
and do not isolate me
in the invisible, strangest,
most lasting
Give me strength
to combat
the emptiness that tempts me
and that I don’t deny.
Give me new reasons
to discover
what confuses me.
And give me peace
in the face of uncertainty
and life with a meaning
beyond death,
just as you give me
the air I breath
or you whisper
with a benevolent smile
the poems that I write.
Give me faith in love,
happiness in suffering.
Estrangement to leave
this confusion behind
and overcome such a mystery,
to rest in the end
facing what I don’t understand
and facing what could be seen
that I still don’t see or understand.
And in the strange silence,
the hardest
and most lasting,
give me a breath of air
before what can seem
a last moan
and seem as if I weaken.
A ray of light at least
when I turn
in a last gaze
before becoming empty
and out of breath
with my name stretched
across the stone of the path.
Across the shadow
of my misfortune
in the midst of my destiny.
Lord, You who gave
names to things
and filled the words I pronounce
with air,
give me solid ground
that withstands my luck
and give me a meaning
that dignifies my soul.
The understanding
that I am sometimes lacking
to understand
what I don’t comprehend
and that is so sure
when I wonder
why it is happening to me,
since the world and the man
in which I live
and into which you have made me
is eternal and fragile.