You say love and you don’t know what you’re saying.
You say pain and you feel the way life
places you in a dead-end alleyway.
Your voice interrupts harshly.

Life needs the hope
of finding someone who loves you.
You say loneliness and you find no one.
You say I can’t breathe and you feel empty.

And you scorn yourself as consciousness is lost
when you have no one nearby.
You say forgetting that tried more than most.
You say love because you loved no one.

Now burning pupils are aging.
Charred eyelashes cast a shadow over
life that does not see what you say:
Love, pain, loneliness, forgetting.

You say love and you don’t know if you need it.
You say pain because you see that it exists.
You say loneliness that you chose.
Forgetting that you try to forget forever.

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